Interest rate predictions straight from the lender’s mouth

A few days ago, Indy Scene Team sat down with a mortgage lender, and naturally, drilled him with questions.

We asked one very important question that homebuyers everywhere are wondering: “Where do you see interest rates going in the immediate future?”

Everyone knows that interest rates have slowly but surely inching up the past few months. As of two days ago (Aug. 28th), a 30 year conventional mortgage was at 4.5%, and a 30 year FHA loan was 4.25%. Christie just bought a house at the end of March, and got a 3.75% interest rate on a 30 year conventional!

According to our friend the mortgage lender, the interest rates will likely hit 5% by the end of the year. First quarter of 2014, they may rise a bit more and hover around 5.25%. Will they go down again after that? Only time and the economy will tell. But for now, if you’re on the fence about buying a house, and really want to avoid paying a 5% plus interest rate, now is the time to buy!

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Labor Day Weekend Palooza!

Most people plan out their Labor Day Weekend in advance.  A trip to the lake, perhaps? People over for a cook out? (If you’re Sarahbeth, you go to Jamaica – LUCKY!) Others do the last minute thing. Maybe because they are procrastinators, but if you’re like me, you simply didn’t realize it was already Labor Day (it’s next weekend people!).  So, since I’m not leaving town, and not having people over, what is there to do!?

Worry no more late planners, the 2013 Warm Fest is here! It’s a weekend long event that features the Broad Ripple Music Festival and the Indy Arts & Vintage Marketplace. Check out the amazing line up of bands HERE. It’s not Lollapalooza, but it’s right here in our own back yard, conveniently located in Broad Ripple Park.  And at $40 per day (or $90 for a 3 day pass), it’s very affordable for a music festival.

To purchase tickets and check out the full weekend schedule, visit



Don’t let summer pass by without going here!


Only 4 more home games at Victory Field! Baseball for some is the definition of summer. You can’t let summer go by without cheering on the Indianapolis Indians at least once!

Plus, it’s an inexpensive, family friendly event that is always fun when the sun is out…So go buy yourself some peanuts and crackerjacks and enjoy the summer while it’s still here!


If you’re lucky, you may even spot Bill on his Go Green Bike Ad with our sign! Stop and say hi if you do!

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Why you need an extra AC inspection before you buy.

AC unit

We just had lunch today with Amie Gaddis, a rep from Home Warranty of America (HWA), and found out some interesting info that home buyers should know!

On top of your regular inspection, Amie suggests getting a certified AC inspection done as well (especially in the winter months when the AC isn’t running). One of their biggest claims is for AC units, and your home warranty only covers normal wear and tear (usually problems due to aging)….that means leaks, holes, coil issues-those things are not usually covered.

The extra AC inspection costs around $40-$50, and is well worth it! If something does happen to be wrong inside the unit, you can ask the seller to have it fixed before you close.

Obviously there are a ton of home warranty companies out there, and it can be hard to know what the differences are and why you would choose one over another. A couple reasons we like HWA, and recommend it to all of our clients, is because they offer a program that covers unknown pre-existing conditions. Also, their coverage for the buyer begins the day they close on the house. We know of another company that doesn’t cover the buyer until 30 days after closing. So make sure to read the fine print, and ask these questions when shopping around for a Home Warranty!

If you have home warranty questions, contact Amie at 317-801-2736 or

Controversial Broad Ripple Development- Yay or Nay?

Photo courtesy of

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The controversial development proposed for Broad Ripple received initial approval at a hearing last Thursday. The mixed-use development could include an apartment complex and grocery store. The proposed building has strong opposition from nearby business owners and residents, who are concerned with the size, saying it does not fit in with the unique village-theme look that Broad Ripple is known for.

Others say it will be a much needed improvement, attracting new residents to the area. The building would cover about 2 acres, replacing the old Shell gas station and a decades-old apartment structure.

The proposal still has to go to the full Metropolitan Development Board before any decision is finalized.

What’s your take? Yay or nay for the new Broad Ripple Development?