Why you need an extra AC inspection before you buy.

AC unit

We just had lunch today with Amie Gaddis, a rep from Home Warranty of America (HWA), and found out some interesting info that home buyers should know!

On top of your regular inspection, Amie suggests getting a certified AC inspection done as well (especially in the winter months when the AC isn’t running). One of their biggest claims is for AC units, and your home warranty only covers normal wear and tear (usually problems due to aging)….that means leaks, holes, coil issues-those things are not usually covered.

The extra AC inspection costs around $40-$50, and is well worth it! If something does happen to be wrong inside the unit, you can ask the seller to have it fixed before you close.

Obviously there are a ton of home warranty companies out there, and it can be hard to know what the differences are and why you would choose one over another. A couple reasons we like HWA, and recommend it to all of our clients, is because they offer a program that covers unknown pre-existing conditions. Also, their coverage for the buyer begins the day they close on the house. We know of another company that doesn’t cover the buyer until 30 days after closing. So make sure to read the fine print, and ask these questions when shopping around for a Home Warranty!

If you have home warranty questions, contact Amie at 317-801-2736 or AGaddis@hwahomewarranty.com.


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