Broad Ripple

bripIf you are looking for a place to live in Indianapolis that is not the traditional cul-de-sac type environment, this might be the place for you. With easy access to the Monon Trail, a vibrant night life, and an active farmers market, Broad Ripple attracts a diverse group of people, both young and old. Another appeal of living in Broad Ripple is the eclectic mix of locally owned shops, eateries, and cafes. In addition, it is a relatively central area, only 15 minutes to Downtown Indianapolis, and less than that to Keystone at the Crossing.

Quick Facts:
•3,500 businesses
•39,200 employees
•Population (2002): 77,700
•Households: 34,200
•Some college education or higher: 81.1%
•Household income over $50K: 50%
• The Village has the largest concentration of residential and commercial entities in the area.

Below is a map of Broad Ripple Village. For more info about Broad Ripple and all it has to offer, visit

brip map



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