Downtown Indianapolis

downtown indy

Downtown Indianapolis

Downtown Indianapolis is a thriving hotspot of the city’s best restaurants, entertainment, performing arts, sports, museums and parks. If you are looking for convenience and walkable access to the variety of amenities Indianapolis provides, downtown may be the place for you! Downtown living includes a mix of historic neighborhoods, luxury condos, lofts and appartments. The boundaries of Downtown Indianapolis are 16th Street to north, Interstate 65 & 70 to east, Interstate 70 to south and Belt Railroad to west.

Indianapolis was ranked as having the No. 1 Downtown in the U.S. in 2011 based on entertainment options, beautiful architecture and green spaces and the planning that went into the city’s design according to

There are 15 Downtown historic/recognized neighborhoods Downtown:
Babe Denny
Cole Noble Commercial Arts District
Chatham-Arch & Massachusetts Avenue
Cottage Home
Fayette Street
Fletcher Place
Holy Cross
Irish Hill
Lockerbie Square
Old Northside
Pogue’s Run
Ransom Place
St. Joseph
Upper Canal

Read what downtown residents say about living in the city.



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