Meridian Kessler

MK Historical signMeridian Kessler is a historic neighborhood in mid-town Indianapolis, filled with beautiful homes both large and small, ranging from bungalows to mansions. Most of the homes in Meridian Kessler were built before the 1930s, and were built of stately stone, dignified brick, stucco or clapboard. It is bounded on the north by Kessler Boulevard, on the east by the Monon Trail, on the south by 38th Street and to the west by Meridian Street. Meridian Street forms a shared boundary with the adjacent Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. Home prices can vary from $30,000 to $1.5 Million. It’s far enough from downtown to be thoroughly residential, but near enough to be completely urban, complete with gracious green spaces.

Quick Facts:

•6,000 homes

•15,000 Residents

•Medium costs relative to the nation, hight cost relative to Indiana

•Median House Value: $149,200

Click HERE for a list of Schools in the Meridian Kessler.


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